Tooling Manager

1.1 Tooling Manager
2.0 Department
2.1 Technical
3.0 Essential Functions
3.1 Oversees tool builds and engineering changes within tool room and at outside vendors.
3.2 Prioritizing work within the tool room and maintaining tooling standards.
3.3 Provide quotes for in-house tool room work.
3.4 Develop and maintain tooling preventive maintenance program.
3.5 Tool room cost accounting.
3.6 This job description in no way states or implies that these are the only duties to be performed by this . This employee is expected to perform other duties necessary for the effective operation of the department and/or facility.
3.7 Enforce safety rules daily. Noncompliance of safety rules will result in disciplinary action and/or termination.
3.8 Actively intervene to correct recognized unsafe actions and conditions.
3.9 Conduct daily observations of PPE use and safe work practices adherence and coach employees as needed
3.10 Ensure that all accidents including first aid are reported.
3.11 Follow all safety guidelines established by this facility on a daily basis. Noncompliance to the safety policy will result in disciplinary action and/or termination.
3.12 Build credibility through continuous demonstration of safety as a value through their personal actions.
3.13 Maintains safe and healthful working conditions and ensure that safe work procedures and practices are followed.
3.14 Conduct weekly inspections of the workplace to identify, evaluate and control workplace hazards.
3.15 Increase the frequency of the weekly inspections until departmental standards are met.
4 Additional Responsibilities
4.1 Activities under Tooling Engineer as needed.
5 Education / Experience
5.1 Associate Degree in Tooling or Manufacturing Technology (Bachelor of Science Engineer or equivalent preferred.
5.2 Five (5) years experience in injection mold design and build.
5.3 Good written and verbal communication skills
6.0 Safety and other PPE requirements
6.1 For PPE requirements please refer to the spreadsheet X:
\HR\Safety\PPE & Co Issued Equip Audit_2012-09-18

Don't Be Fooled

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